General Information


The establishment studies of the Animation Film Department was started by Dean Prof. Nazan Erkmen in 2006, the curriculum prepared by Assistant Professor Gülçin Balta Tezcan and Assistant Professor Birnur Karatimur Çutsay and the department approved by the Council of Higher Education in 26 November 2007. Animation Film Department’s required preparations to start for the education and instruction at 2012-2013 academic year are continuing,


Aim of the Department

As a new established Department of Animation Film, during it’s 4 years education process aims to educate well informed, creative and modern individuals, who have the skills of the animation techniques and technology required for this area of creativity in cooperation with all branches of fine arts.



The curriculum of Department of Animation Film informs students about the historical development of animation film, teaches classic (traditional) animation techniques, reinforces technics with samples, analysis and offers students with sufficient experiences to enable them to create their own films. It is aimed for students to learn technical aspects of animation film such as cartoon, cut-out, stop motion, collage, pixilation, shadow, object, computer animation during the 4-year education. The department also improve individual art education informing the students about classic animation, film language, basic art education, communication techniques, art history, photography, drawing, film music, sound and At same time the students thought 2D and 3D animation techniques. Students will gain experience through their own work and the creation of 4 short films in edition to their graduation Project in which they will make a film in the techniques of their own choosing. The graduate students find the opportunity to work as animation artists, character designers and storyboard artists in animation studios, advertisement agencies, TV studios and film sector.




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